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Poseidon Harness Advanced

Harness Advanced van Poseidon

Poseidon Harness Advanced

Harness Besea Advanced

x OptiFit™
x HybroBack™
x SpineAdjust™
x VentoMesh™
x 40cc system™

The advanced model is an extended version of the sport model
developed for really extended use. It exhibits entirely 1000 Denier
Ballistic materials and all webbing is Nylon. All inside sur­faces are
covered with VentoMesh™, and even the waist belt is padded and pre curved.
The 40cc system™ enables mounting of quick release integrated weight pockets,
accessory pocket(s), and D-rings in a variety of positions.

Crotch strap with tow ring comes as standard, as do an extra tank band for redundancy.
The advanced model is prepared to be fitted with the pinbolt kit for fastening of twin cylinders.